Danette Makaila
1 min readFeb 25, 2021


You had my heart in your hand.

My heart became a grain of sand.

Dripping through the hands of time,

And back again.

“Breaking Daylight” Photo by Danette Makaila

I knew you'd let me down my friend.

But a hero is what I found in time,

Sure, I couldn't believe what I'd seen in you. But a grain of sand before long grew,

And In the hands of time a hero knew.

Through the hands of time a hero flew.

Long against the chains of a sweet lie,

And into her destiny she would fly.

For her heart was always hers,

To protect and nuture first and foremost.

She loved those chains for those chains wouldn't pry,

But she would never look back once she felt how it feels to fly... ... ...

Because you are who you are,
A bright shining star.

Let it go, and rise rise, above the bright shining stars in the sky.

Let it go and rise,
Let it go and rise,
Let it go and rise,

Don't let expectations be your demise.

You are more than what you can picture from our eyes...

Look from the skies.

Danette Makaila



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