Danette Makaila
Dec 14, 2021

It's like being half alive
Like a dead man walking
One foot in the grave
But something's keeping you alive

You've lost all footing
Tethered to this maze

Not sure when you live and when you die

But you spend most days buried in a grave
You long for the days when you're thrived

That's all that keeping you inside

One day you might escape to find yourself, buried, deeper and deeper and deeper alive.

It's like being trapped
With no looking back
No end to what's in sight
I just wanna know, when I'll live again
And when I'll feel truly alive

…not half life



Danette Makaila

Daydreamer, Artist, & Author. ✌🏽🌎❤ Just a girl, striving to change the world, from the inside --> out, through art, philosophy, love & light…