“In A Daze” Typography

In A Daze

Danette Makaila
Mar 11, 2021

I awaken only in a dream...

A dream that mimics life so closely, I just hold my breath and simultaneously scream.

I am sleeping and in disguise.

I am constantly a sight for sorer eyes.

And the world, the world, although it tries could never encompass every integral part of all that is me.

I am gazing, but I look, only to spread the pain.

Blacked out or simply insane, this is not love I say again and again, but who is loving anyway!

In a daze or a simple dream...

I've forsaken those who have called on me.

Abandoned the one who has chosen me.

Unbalanced decisions and hefty provisions, tipped the scales of time and I've fallen deeper into my delay.

I am no more than what they all say.

It's time I make my final parlay, and fall gently, deeply, into my daze.



Danette Makaila

Daydreamer, Artist, & Author. ✌🏽🌎❤ Just a girl, striving to change the world, from the inside --> out, through art, philosophy, love & light…