Danette Makaila
1 min readJan 28, 2021
“The Tone of The Heart” Art by Danette Makaila

Who can sleep at a time like this, when the air goes whoosh and every sound goes hiss.

Who can sleep at a time like this, when every wall wires a song to a particular tick, and the clocks strick 12 at every minute around here.

Who can sleep! I scream in my head, when every noise is turned up, and up, louder in my head.

When every snore is a truck, and every cough is a hockey puck, and every walk is a stomp and every whisper is a stadium romp.

Who can sleep, at a time like this.

It's 12 at night, but I'm wide awake, and in a panicked fright.

I close my eyes and try to sleep, but my eyes hurt as they shed through tears. And my ears just can't stand the piercing pain.

My head is a thunderstorm of bumbling rain. What will happen if I can't escape the pain?



Danette Makaila

Daydreamer, Artist, & Author. ✌🏽🌎❤ Just a girl, striving to change the world, from the inside --> out, through art, philosophy, love & light…